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Talk Radio: The Most democratic Form Of Political Entertainment 

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We constantly here the mainstream media attack the institution of talk radio as a one sided echo chamber for Conservatives. It is portrayed as intellectually deprived and solely one sided. The talk radio audience is simultaneously portrayed as a monolithic group of Narrowminded simpletons who automatically absorb and agree with everything a given host says.  […]

ACLU is no longer interested in the pursuit of justice

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It’s a common talking point among some fellow Conservative talk radio hosts that the ACLU has always been a despicable organization devoid of any reverence for the US Constitution. But, this is not true. As a person who is disabled, I have always admired the ACLU for fighting to ensure equality under the law for […]

McConnell Never Intended To Repeal Obamacare

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Our Republican friends in congress claim they have every intention of repealing Obamacare. However, if this is true, why haven’t they gotten rid of the filibuster? As we all know, current senate rules allow a minority party to filibuster any bill. This imposes a 60 vote requirement in order to get legislation passed. But, as […]