Will Women Really Swollow A Clinton Administration?

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If Hillary is elected, I cannot wait to see if any more women have their breasts forcibly fondled on the same day their husband commit suicide. Any millennial woman, which is my generation, who votes for this pitiful piggish partnership masquerading as a marriage, will have no right to call herself a feminist ever again. I also recommend you avoid volunteering for the administration.

To be fair, I guess there is a good side to Hillary winning. At least we won’t have dirty Donald who made admittedly disgusting comments about women eleven years ago on a bus. Instead, we will have the spouse of a President roaming the corridors of the white house fondling staff members against their will. But remember, we are all to focus on how Trump is beneath the dignity of the presidency.

Hillary knew about these allegations. Yet she attacked these victims. They were “narcissistic Looney Tunes.” They were “bimbos.” They were failed bar singers who had no resume to fall back on.” After all, “we all know what happens when you drag a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park.” I am not supposed to hold those statements against her? If you believe that, you are out of your mind.

I am infuriated that people just pass this off as Old news; as if sexual assault becomes less important over time. Statistically at least one out of every five women who is reading this has been sexually assaulted in their life. Be assured, that when you talk about it, there are those of us who won’t dismiss it just because it’s 20 years old.

I am sickened by people who don’t blame Hillary for not standing up to this behavior and leaving this promiscuous pervert. She stayed with him for her own selfish political interests. While decisions regarding a persons marriage should be left private, public scrutiny is justified when that decision harms other people. Doesn’t a person have an obligation to put a stop to behavior they know to be wrong when they know it is occurring? If I pass a woman on the street being assaulted and I can bring attention to it, but I just choose not to, is that admirable? Is it OK for me to dismiss her as a slut? That is what Hillary did.

Any woman who has a husband, against whom there are multiple allegations, which she knows are likely true, but who turns around and attacks his victims in order to make it easier for herself to obtain a position, is a disgusting witch. I guess some of us believe that when you see inappropriate behavior occurring, you have a moral obligation to stand up to it. Do you disagree? If so, maybe you should apply to the White House after all. Maybe if you are subjected to the full throated experience… Pardon the pun… That the Clintons have to offer, you will think differently.