Why firing Mueller would be suicide

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The roomer being discussed in the cesspool that now passes for this nation’s mainstream media is that President Trump is considering firing Robert Mueller. As anyone who has ever watched my show can tell you, I despise what Mueller and the Democrats are doing to President Trump.

Mueller is using prosecutorial power to conduct a political witch hunt justified under the guise of a lawful investigation. This “investigation” is motivated entirely out of the fact that political pundits never imagined that a man who spoke like an average American would ever win the Presidency; despite Democrats having run the most disliked candidate in US history. There is nothing there!

Having said that, the firing of Mueller would equate to political suicide. Like any action considered in a person’s life, one needs to analyze the cost and benefits before acting. So, what would be the benefit of firing Mueller?

Currently, voters have drowned out any mention of Trump having a nafarious connection to Russia. What exactly is Robert Mueller investigating anyways? Is it allegations of collusion with Russia? Is it obstruction of justice? Is it financial records of Trump’s businesses? Is it the actions of Trump’s associates? is it money lawndering? Does anyone even know? Does anyone even care? The answer to the last two questions is no.

Most Americans want politicians in DC, the District of Corruption, to work together to solve our nation’s problems. They want to hear solutions to issues.

Currently, Democrats have none. Instead they have unfounded tired and endlessly repeated accusations. No Democrat politician can articulate the nature of these alleged nefarious actions claimed to have been taken by Trump.

Finally, even if Trump is charged with a crime, he holds the pardon power. And yes, a President can certainly pardon himself. There is no limitation imposed on the pardon power by either the Constitution or the US Supreme Court.

Firing Mueller would immediately give Trump’s critics the ability to change the narrative. Instead of ambiguous claims of criminal behavior alleged to have been committed at an unknown period of time in the past, the allegation would be made that Trump was committing obstruction of justice by removing the prosecutor investigating him.

The question would be immediately made, what does Trump have to hide? Instead of Trump appearing as a man who has been wrongly persecuted by political enemies, Trump would appear as a guilty man who has something to hide. Public perception is everything.

Firing James Comey was different. First, Democrats had previously called for his termination over his improper handling of the Hillary investigation. Second, Comey was not himself investigating Trump.

There some political pundits who are calling for Trump to fire Robert Mueller. However, making bombastic comments in order to increase ratings so the host can sell identity theft protection, is not the same as governing in a way that ensures victory. Other then saving money otherwise waisted on a meaningless investigation, I have not yet heard anyone tell me a benefit which would result from Trump firing Mueller.

Let Democrats conduct their pathetic witch hunt. Let them chase their Russian goasts. Let them point fingers at Russia, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and everything else within their field of vision as the reason they lost in 2016. Meanwhile Trump should get back to the business of governing.

Sometimes politics requires a person to stand aside and allow enemies to expose themselves for who they really are. I am hoping Trump’s enemies turn out to be congressional Democrats rather then the presence of a thin skin.