Why Democrats Should Be Protesting Pelosi And Reid

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Democrats who are angry about losing to #DonaldTrump shouldn’t be protesting Trump. Instead, they should be protesting Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Democrats lost the house in 2010, lost more seats in 2012, lost the Senate in 2014, and now have lost the White House in 2016. 
The only reason why Barack Obama one in 2012 is because Republicans put up mitt Romney… A guy who tied his dog onto the top of his car and drove across the country. I mean, come on. Do people honestly wonder why mitt Romney lost? Other than Barack Obama’s win in 2012, Nancy Pelosi and harry Reid have presided over continued democrat losses. 
Endlessly chanting “racist” outside Trump tower won’t convince anyone of anything except of your stupidity. Sure, protesters have the constitutional right to protest. But there’s a difference between exercising your constitutional right, and exercising your constitutional rights in an effective manner. Anyone upset about Donald Trump’s victory should be mobilizing their efforts in and effective manner. And, if the last eight years have taught Democrats anything, it should have taught them that accusing Republicans of the time old accusation of racism, doesn’t win you elections. The only way you will ever win elections again is by doing what both Ronell Reagan and more recently Bernie Sanders have called for: changing the party from within.