The Obama Doctrine

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The government can now force us to enter into contractual relations with private entities.  The government can now dictate what products a company must sell to its customers.  And, the government can now punish those who fail to purchase products deemed favorable to the state.  Change has finally come to America.

Liberals argue that premiums rise when those who choose not to purchase insurance get sick.  In deciding not to purchase insurance, these individuals are said to be free riders and will now be singled out for punishment.  But, countless other choices we make every day lead to a rise in premiums.

Premiums are effected by the food we eat.  Eating hamburgers, hotdogs, and steaks lead to weight gain.  Heavier people have a higher level of heart disease, diabetes, and other illnesses; all of which raise premiums.  it is only a matter of time before the government utilizes this new power to punish those who pass up healthy delightful treats like cabbage, in favor of food that makes them happy.  Leave it up to mamus michelle who can be our new food zar. She will bring truth to the phrase, happiness doesn’t come free.

It is the nature of a free society that the choices some people choose to make, at times impose costs on the rest of us.  People build homes in fire proned areas and we pay to house them if the unimaginable happens.  People have more children then they can afford, and we provide them child tax credits.  Entrepreneurs start businesses which go bankrupt costing other people their jobs.

In America we don’t punish people who choose to live in beautiful areas, because the freedom to decide where to live is a freedom we all cherish.  In America we don’t punish couples for having children because we cherish each new life, unlike our nobyl neighbors to the west.  And, in America, not too long ago, we celebrated Entrepreneurs who risk everything to start businesses.

Obama care has nothing to do with providing healthcare to the needy. The poor are covered by Medicaid.  pre-existing conditions could have easily been covered by offering government subsidies.  this would create a market encentive.  After all, if we have the money to subsidize the construction of plugin battery operated matchbox cars, which nobody cares to drive, in the name of the environment, we could certainly subsidize coverage for sick children.  But, this option was never considered by barack.

The true purpose of Obamacare is the restriction of self determination.  After all, healthy living has never been one of Barack Marlboro Obama’s highest priorities.  Perhaps husseins favorite are cammels.  Regardless of his cancerstick of choice, the arguments that Obama continually puff out to justify this act are nothing but smoke and mirrors.  The sad truth is that we have now seen the creation of the Obama Doctrine which states an individual’s choices will be protected so long as they don’t conflict with the goals of the state.