Now That Net Neutrality Has Been Repealed Get Ready For A Slower Internet

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Conservative talk show hosts are all saying net neutrality will allow the government to control speech. But have they controlled speech online since net neutrality went into place in 2015? The answer is no.

Net neutrality is intended to prevent your Internet provider from discriminating against content. With the growth of online streaming services, in 2013 Internet providers were going to slow down speed to certain websites in order to extract more money from online streaming services. That’s why net neutrality rules were implemented in 2015.

Internet providers have engaged in a massive lobbying and disinformation campaign to scare people about “governmental control.” Now Thanks to President Trump’s moronic FCC commissioner, Internet providers will now be able to slow down your speed if you view content which they believe is too burdensome to their network. That is not right.

You pay for a given speed. You should get that speed no matter what content you are viewing. It is none of your Internet provider’s business what you view online.

The removal of net neutrality rules will not increase competition. It will make companies like Netflix have to pay a ransom to Internet providers for higher speed to consumers. If they don’t pay the ransom, consumers speed on their website will be reduced. Internet providers will make billions. That cost will be passed on to consumers.Smaller companies that can’t afford the ransom will just be screwed.

so in the future when you feel that your speed is being slow on your Internet, it likely is. But, you can be comforted by the fact that the mean old government isn’t engaged in regulating Internet providers.