Donald Trump Plays The Media Like A Violin

Posted on in Politics, Trump

The media is making a huge deal out of Donald Trump’s latest tweet that he wants an investigation into voter fraud. But if you look at his Twitter timeline, the voter fraud tweet was tweeted right after an announcement that he will be presenting his Supreme Court nominees next week.

Over the weekend Donald Trump caused another media firestorm by suggesting the crowd size attending his inauguration was larger than it actually was. The media would have us believe these are the random comments from a narcissist Who is disconnected from reality due to a disturbed mind. But are these comments truly random? Is it only a coincidence that one controversial comment is made after another all the while Trump is busy passing his agenda: one he knows to be completely objectionable to the mainstream media?

Instead of criticizing Donald Trump endlessly for instituting a hiring freeze thereby shrinking the size of government over the weekend, the media was chasing a bone regarding the size of his inauguration crowd. Today, instead of ripping apart his potential Supreme Court nominees, they are once again chasing seemingly random comments regarding voter fraud.

Trump knows the majority of Americans hate the mainstream media. Doesn’t it make more political sense to distract them with shiny objects then to allow them to endlessly criticize him regarding the actual concrete policies he is busy implementing?

I have no doubt that later in the week Trump will once again make a controversial comments. He will do so again on the weekend and again next week. then once again, the mainstream media will be consumed with pundits endlessly analyzing another seemingly random controversial comment, while Trump continues to fulfill promises he made to the American people during his campaign.