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Why I have Been Gone

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many of you have been asking about my wellbeing because I have not been on air for the last several weeks. On January 8th, I fainted from dehydration. At the time, i was carrying glasses: taking them to the kitchen sink. With a sound of breaking glass, the items I had in my hand shattered […]

Emailing Norman Bates for Christmas

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This post is not about politics which often is the topic of the show. It is about an ongoing incident in my life. Numerous listeners have expressed an interest in learning more about my personal life and what it is like being blind. If you’re not interested in this, stop reading. For those who stayed, […]

Facebook And Google Are About To Get Blindsided

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I don’t understand companies like google, and Facebook. Both companies are allegedly trying to unite us all together through social networks, However, both companies suck when it comes to accessibility for blind users. It should be noted that there is ample case law which can be used to argue internet companies provide a virtual place […]