Avoiding Disaster: An Open Letter To President Trump

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Dear Mr. President:

I say Mr. President with pleasure and satisfaction that you became our president. However, lately you have been eviscerated in the mainstream media. CNN and MSNBC are engaged in a purposeful campaign to destroy your presidency. Your firing of FBI James Comey has given them one more piece to a puzzle of intrigue and conspiracy they are building in the public mind. When it comes to the media, the facts don’t matter. You’re already guilty.

I have been a longtime supporter. I endorsed you during the primary. Keep that in mind when you read the following paragraph.

Your presidency is currently a car wreck. Your healthcare bill has stalled in the Senate. Backstabbers like John McCain has stated your budget is dead on arrival. Your tax reform package has gone nowhere. Now both the media and Democrats are defending a former FBI director from whom they previously demanded a resignation.

You’re furious! Your tweets make that perfectly clear. However, here’s a few hints. When the media is comparing you to Nixon, tweeting threats about recorded conversations isn’t the best act of good public relations.

James Comeybetter hope that there are no "tapes" of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 12, 2017

When you’re being accused of Russian collusion, having pictures taken of yourself with Russian officials is a bad idea. When the media is accusing your White House of lying, suggesting your press secretary isn’t believable won’t restore confidence.

That tweet is self-destructive. Sean Spicer, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders should be your closest allies. They’re your frontline troops who do battle against the media every day.

You need to fix this controversy surrounding the FBI director. Since we currently have multiple justifications for his termination, you must make it clear that James Comey was fired not for one reason, but an entire list of reasons.

  1. He announced an investigation into Hillary Clinton. As Comey himself admits, this is not proper FBI protocol. Investigators do NOT announce investigations unless a person is going to be charged with a crime.
  2. He recommended Hillary not be prosecuted. However, he’s not a prosecutor. He was only the FBI director. As Comey himself admits such a recommendation was beyond his job duties
  3. Comey testified that he recommended not prosecuting Hillary because Loretta Lynch had met with Bill Clinton. According to Comey’s own testimony, he believed this harmed her trustworthiness. But, so what? The Inescapable implication is he sacrificed the reputation of the FBI to protect Loretta Lynch. This was wrong.
  4. Comey himself admitted FBI directors serve at the pleasure of the President. You have the authority to fire him, and you did so. Any further questions should be answered by repeating these four reasons.

The success of your presidency is contingent on two factors. The first factor is your ability to focus upon what the American people truly care about. We care about jobs, healthcare, and the economy. Unless there is an international incident, if a tweet or speech doesn’t have anything to do with these three things, trash it.

The second factor is your ability to ignore the media. The goal of media is to capture public attention. CNN and MSNBC know you watch cable news. They know you get furious. In fact, the morons on Morning Joe openly taunt you to tweet about them. Failing to acknowledge them is the way to defeat them. STOP drawing the attention of your thirty million followers to what the media is saying on any particular day.

Millions of Americans believed in you. Millions of us voted you into office because they are desperate. We have seen our jobs leave, schools fail, and our future dim. They are depending on you. The moment people lose hope in either your ability, or willingness to make things better, your presidency is over. Do not let us down.

One more thing. If you have recording devices in the oval office, destroy them! If you have tapes, BURN THEM! Burn them immediately. Do I think there is anything incriminating on them? No. Do I think they’ll eventually be used to harm you? Yes. Throw them out now before you receive a subpoena and doing so would become a crime.