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Why Millennials Vote Democrat

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Not a day goes by when we are not treated to some old fifty year old host making a snarky comment on Fox News about how lazy, pathetic, and left leaning the millennial generation is. However, far too little examination is spent on answering the question, why do millennials vote Democrat? Although the audience may […]

Can Senator Franken’S First Sexual Harassment Victim Sue?

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Someone asked on the show tonight whether Senator Franken’s victim could sue him now that he admitted what he did. I said yes. But I have to issue a correction. Senator Al Franken didn’t really admitte to sexually abusing her. He said he “doesn’t remember fax the same way,” but was still sorry. That gives […]

The Social Justice Warrior Lynch Mob Society

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the allegations against Roy Moore detailed in a Washington post article are deeply disturbing and should be taken seriously. I have deep respect for the pain and suffering of those who are victims of sexual abuse. The best course to take if you find yourself a victim is to report your victimization immediately. The closer […]