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Questions Hillary Should Have Been Asked At The 1st Debate

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As I argued in my YouTube video, the first presidential debate was a joke. Anyone with an IQ of 10 and a sliver of integrity will admit that asking Trump questions on his taxes, his Iraq war position of 14 years ago, and his position on birtherism constituted an obvious bias in the choosing of […]

Why Trump Will Win The Debate

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The question on everyone’s mind is who wins tonight’s presidential debate? But, what does winning mean? It means different things for each candidate. In a way, Hillary is right that there is a double standard in tonight’s debate. What she fails to mention is she created it. Ever since the end of the republican primary, […]

Open Letter To Hillary Clinton

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I understand that due to my political views, you consider me to be your enemy. Thus, nothing I say will matter to you at this stage of the election. You apparently believe you have this election wrapped up. But, let me take a moment to fill you in on a few facts of life that […]