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Ted Cruz’s Convention Speech: A Test Of Leadership

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Senator Ted Cruz is scheduled to give a speech tonight at the GOP convention in Cleveland Ohio. The open question is whether Cruz will openly endorse Donald Trump for President. As of the time of this writing, around 6:00AM Wednesday morning, the morning of Cruz’s speech, the third day of the four day convention, Cruz […]

Celebrity Apprentice VP

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Instead of a specific VP pick, Donald Trump should announce tomorrow a one our special which every network is free to air called apprentice VP picks. This special one hour show will air the last night of the Democratic convention, during Hillary Clinton’s speech. Have all three candidates appear on the show, Chris Christie, Governor […]

What Black Lives Matter Members Wont Say

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If you want to get people angry on twitter, you just need to ask a simple question. What does black lives matter protesters want? What specific changes do they want implemented? You will never get a solid concrete answer. Yet, it is a question I keep asking. However, the only answer I receive is general […]