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Why I Endorsed Donald Trump

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In the beginning of this race, I announced my support of Ted Cruz. However, the longer this campaign goes on, the less I find myself supporting the Senator from Texas. What follows is not intended to impugn the character of Ted Cruz; or to suggest, as others do for Trump supporters, that patriots cannot find […]

So What If Trump Knew Of GOP Rules

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Every day I hear countless pundits suggest Donald Trump has no right to complain that the rules governing the GOP primary are unfair. The argument goes something like this. Donald Trump knew of the GOP primary rules from day one. They are nothing new. Now, despite knowing of the rules existence, he has decided to […]

Karl Marx Sanders Isn’t Going Anywhere

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This year we are seeing something we’ve never seen before. The two political parties that have dominated American politics for more than fifty years are facing threats from within. On one side you have a candidate who speaks about how the middle class is being hammered by outsourcing, refuses to accept money from special interests, […]