Why I have Been Gone

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many of you have been asking about my wellbeing because I have not been on air for the last several weeks. On January 8th, I fainted from dehydration. At the time, i was carrying glasses: taking them to the kitchen sink. With a sound of breaking glass, the items I had in my hand shattered on the floor. I fell on top of the resulting glass shards. i always knew there was a reason the wife wanted me to do dishes…she’s trying to off me.
Although I suffered cuts over my boddy, the most serious damage was inflicted on the pinkey finger of my right hand. Glass shards severed my tendon and I had to have surgery. The split will remain on my finger for several more weeks at which point we will learn how much function I can be expected to regain. 
I am coming back next Tuesday, February 13th, 2018. The show has moved to a slightly different time do to inclusion of another host on the network.  
From now on, I will be LIVE weekdays 12PM noon until 2PM EST. You can watch on Facebook, Youtube, or listen LIVE on Tunein Radio or Spreaker. 
I will see you then!