When It Comes To Terrorism Let’s Fight Fire With Fire

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After last night’s ISIS attack at Manchester’s Ariana Grande concert, primarily attended by young girls, perhaps it’s time to reevaluate the way we fight terrorism. In many ways we are like the Red Coats in America during the revolutionary war. We are using a massive military to defeat small mobile gorillas.

We have large battalions, ordered divisions, massive military armaments, aircraft carriers, warships, and long range bombers. However, we’re simultaneously afraid of killing so called innocent civilians.

Our concern for humanity defines our western culture. However, it also limits our use of the very military material that we have at our disposal. Long range bombers, battalions, tanks, and warships are excellent tools for destroying large amounts of land area. But, they are relatively ineffective at killing a terrorist held up in a house located in a residential neighborhood.

When it comes to terrorism, perhaps it’s time we begin to fight fire with fire. The true weapon of terrorism is not mass casualty. 99% of everyone reading this piece will never die in a terrorist attack, or personally know someone who has. Terrorisms true weapon is psychological in nature. It is demoralizing to witness surprise attacks. Roadside bombs, IED’s, and suicide bombers remove our sense of self determination. Suddenly trivial life decisions such as who allows their 8-year-old daughter to attend a rock concert, determines who lives and dies.

Perhaps instead of using a $50,000 bunker buster bomb to destroy a terrorists held up in a residential neighborhood, we should plant an IED to be remote detonated when the desired party walks by. Perhaps we should take a page out of the Palestinian playbook and pay the surviving family members of Shia suicide bombers who successfully target Sunni ISIS members. The Shia and Sunni have been killing one another for thousands of years. So, let’s give them a constructive outlet for their interests.

I am not arguing for the targeting of innocent civilians. I am arguing that we reevaluate the methods we have been using for this 16 year long war on terror. I am arguing we consider whether

Retaking territory occupied by ISIS is truly the best strategy for achieving victory. perhaps it is desirable ISIS owns some territory. Like insects, it clusters them all together in one area. Taking back all territory controlled by ISIS will not defeat ISIS. ISIS members will only scatter like bees from a hive that has been knocked off a tree.

If Trump is a new kind of politician willing to engage unconventional ideas, perhaps this is one he should consider. Keep in mind, nothing anyone has tried yet has worked to defeat terrorism. Occupying nations and killing anything that moved did not destroy terrorism. The soviets tried it in Afghanistan. Attempting to bring democracy and a better life for middle eastern people failed as well. George W. Bush tried it in Iraq. To my knowledge no one has yet tried to use the terrorists own tactics of surprise attacks, IEDs, and suicide bombings against the terrorists themselves.

I cannot speak for every listener of my show. But, when it comes to attacking terrorists located in Syria, I have a few old backpacks I’d be willing to donate, and since I own farmland, I’ll donate fertilizer too.