Violent Video Games And School Shootings, When Conservatives Turn Into Liberals

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It’s amazing to me how many “conservatives“ since the school shooting are appearing on FOXNews arguing for restrictions on violent TV shows and video games because of their unfounded accusations that they cause school shootings. Funny how “small government conservatives“ immediately switch to big government morons when they see a chance to exploit a catastrophe to push their social conservative big nanny state agenda.

Violent video games don’t cause violence anymore than guns cause violence. If you believe otherwise, then I see no justification for opposing gun control. in fact, Shirley the ease of access of a weapon when you are mad makes it much easier to shoot someone then the fact that you play Grandtheft auto last night.

for the record, I am against restricting certain types of weapons just because someone used them in a crime. Then again, I am principaled. I thought we always said people kill people not guns?

One of the major causes and similarities in all these cases is broken homes. I’m not saying single parents can’t raise good non-violent children. But not having two loving supportive parents at home, whether gay straight or otherwise, has an impact on a persons life. surprise! Children need a support structure, guidance, and attention at home. that is easier to do with two parents instead of one.

The other commonality is of course mental health problems. That is a much more complicated issue involving whether we want to give up our medical privacy rights. We have discussed that and will continue to do so on the show.

Regardless, restricting guns, either real ones or virtual ones, isn’t the answer