Unanswered Questions About James Comey

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Months ago we learned from this nations former FBI director, under oath, that he leaked memorandums of his private conversations with the President of the United States. These memorandums were leaked to one of James Comey’s friends for later distribution to the New York Times upon his request.

According to Comey’s testimony, he wrote said memorandums after each conversation he had with President Trump. After each conversation he would draft a memo documenting said conversation on his laptop.

Shortly after his congressional confession, it was learned that Comey’s leaked memorandum contained classified information. shortly after such reports were issued, mysteriously the mainstream media lost all interest in reporting on Comey and his “Earth shattering” memorandums. However, despite months having passed, as an attorney I still have several lingering questions. Assuming the Republicans in congress ever satiate their desire to investigate President Trump for fantom criminal acts, they might consider taking time and answering a few of these outstanding questions.

Comey claimed his memos documenting his conversations with Trump are his personal property simply because he was the one who drafted them. This is flat false. Otherwise, are Democrats willing to concede a hypothetical audio tape of an oval office conversation automatically becomes Trump’s personal property just because he was the person who recorded it?

Did Comey take any other governmental documents upon the termination of his employ as FBI director? Surely as FBI director James Comey authored thousands of documents. Did he take any of those? If Comey limited his theft exclusively to his memos of conversations he had with President Trump, such a selective seizure demonstrates a clear intent to take documents, not for the innocent circumstance of mistaken ownership, but for the sinister purpose of using governmental records to harm President Trump.

If Comey took other records he himself authored while a government employee, do any of those records contain classified information? If so, how secure of a computer system are said records currently being stored upon? This raises the question as to what method did Comey use to transfer his Trump memorandums to his personal friend? For example, did Comey email his professor said memos? If so, did he email said memos using a government FBI secured email system? Are said memorandums currently stored in Comey’s friend’s unsecured third-party email inbox folder?

What laptop did Comey use to draft these Trump memos? Did he draft the Trump memorandums on a government issued laptop or a personal laptop? If Comey drafted his Trump memos on his personal laptop, what other official documents did Comey draft on his personal laptop during his tenure as FBI director? Did any of those documents contain classified information?

As hard as it might be to believe after the Hillary email fiasco, none of these questions apparently occurred to the Republican “leaders” we have representing us in the District of Corruption.