The White House Pressured FBI To Close The Clinton Investigation

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James Comey sent a letter to Congress today indicating all the emails have now been reviewed on Anthony Weiner’s laptop and that nothing found on the laptop changes his conclusion that “No reasonable prosecutor” would indict Hillary Clinton. Remember, it was only a week ago that the FBI issued a letter indicating they were reopening the investigation. Does anyone in their right mind believe James Comey would issue a letter causing such political turmoil if he knew a review of the newly found emails would only take one week?

650,000 emails reviewed in one week? Now that is what I call efficiency. Even with a computer program, that’s not enough time.

What happened here is clear to anyone who wishes to face the truth. The White House pressured James Comey to do a half assed job on this investigation in order to wrap it up before election day. The Justice Department indicated, early in the week, that they would do what is necessary in order to make sure it was done before election day. The only thing missing from that press release was a wink face. The Justice Department’s assurances that they knew the investigation would be concluded before election day tells you all you need to know. As a lawyer I can tell you this is the biggest joke played on Americans in the history of US politics. I will have much more on this on my YouTube page