The Social Justice Warrior Lynch Mob Society

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the allegations against Roy Moore detailed in a Washington post article are deeply disturbing and should be taken seriously. I have deep respect for the pain and suffering of those who are victims of sexual abuse. The best course to take if you find yourself a victim is to report your victimization immediately. The closer in time to the event, the more likely you are to be believed. Second, immediately reporting is essential to make sure a person can be criminally charged before the statute of limitations expires. Finally, and most of all, sexual predators NEVER stop and will victimize again.

However, given the seemingly opportune timing of the Washington post article to Moore’s opponent, the article was published a month after the GOP primary and after the date at which ballots could be changed, it is reasonable for voters to be skeptical.

Despite claims from twitter trolls eating Cheetos in their parents basements, being skeptical does not mean you condone the molestation of underage girls, or that you disrespect victims of sexual abuse. It means you are skeptical and want more information.

the Washington post claims they stumbled upon these victims after hearing rumors that Roy Moore dated underage girls in his thirties. How did the Washington post “stumble” upon these roomers when throughout the decades such roomers went entirely unnoticed by Moore’s many political opponents? At the date of this writing, three women are accusing Moore of dating them when they were teenagers. Another woman is accusing him of molesting her when she was a fourteen year old child. How did the Washington post find these four women out of the millions of women living in Alabama?

If the media was truly interested in persuading voters, they would seek out answers to these questions. After all, such facts should be known by the Washington post and could easily be provided. However, I predict no such answers will ever be forthcoming. In fact, those asking for more information so they can make an informed decision are shouted down as potential petefiles themselves.

We are living in a social justice warrior lynch mob society. Blind loyalty is demanded from citizens to whatever allegations flow out of the television from favored mainstream media outlets. Rational thought is demeaned as passivity in the face of alleged evil, and the accused is guilty until proven innocent.