Questions Hillary Should Have Been Asked At The 1st Debate

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As I argued in my YouTube video, the first presidential debate was a joke. Anyone with an IQ of 10 and a sliver of integrity will admit that asking Trump questions on his taxes, his Iraq war position of 14 years ago, and his position on birtherism constituted an obvious bias in the choosing of questions by the moderator in favor of Hillary. Since the Liberal buffoon Lester Holt cannot put his personal political beliefs temporarily aside in order to give even the appearance of impartiality, I have provided a list of questions which should have been asked of The Hildebeast.

The Clinton Foundation

  1. Why have you pledged to stop accepting foreign donations for the Clinton foundation if you are elected President?
  2. What is the potential conflict of interest in collecting Clinton Foundation donations while serving as President?
  3. Why was there not a conflict of interest in collecting such donations while simultaneously serving as Secretary of State?
  4. Instead of waiting until you possibly win the election, why not stop collecting donations immediately?
  5. How can you guarantee your Presidential decision making won’t be influenced by entities who rush to donate to you now?
  6. Is it appropriate for an individual to gain increased access to a politician on the basis of giving large sums of money?

Emails and Servers

  1. You have admitted making a mistake in housing your email on your own server. Why was this a mistake?
  2. Why did you claim you never received classified emails as Secretary of State when that was not true?
  3. Wouldn’t it be strange for a Secretary of State not to receive even one classified email while serving for four years?
  4. What would the employee email storage and record retention policy be in a Clinton administration?

Foreign Policy

  1. You called for a reset with Russia in the beginning of your tenure as Secretary of State. What went wrong?
  2. Should we give the country of Ukraine offensive weapons?
  3. Can you name one part of the world that is more peaceful then it was eight years ago?
  4. If you could change something you did in regards to the Benghazi tragedy, what would it be?
  5. What specifically would a Clinton administration do to make sure a Benghazi like event never happens again?
  6. What has been Obama’s biggest mistake on foreign policy and what have you learned from it?
  7. In the interest of avoiding international conflict, are wife’s of foreign leaders going to be prohibited from being alone in a room at any time with the first man?

Ok, that last one might be a little out there. Then again, Lester Holt’s last question at the 1st debate essentially asked Trump if he would start a revolution if he lost the election. So you never know.