Light’s Out: Obama’s Green Policy

Posted on in Politics

It is shocking that a carbon filament, heated up so it glows in a vacuum glass sphere, is really destroying our environment. This invention, of course, is called the light bulb. Our fearless philosopher king has issued mandates requiring us to replace traditional light bulbs with ones filled with mercury.  This is all done in the name of the environment. But last time I checked, mercury is a deadly element. So let me get this straight.  The way we are going to protect the environment is to install millions of light bulbs throughout our communities, each filled with deadly poison?

In reality, this policy will actually cause a net increase of harm to the environment. Companies making traditional bulbs are being forced to retool their factories. Retooling requires the manufacture of new machine parts, which uses energy and creates pollution. Obsolete machine parts will be discarded, thereby increasing the volume in landfills and bone yards for old machinery. But, the boneheads we have in Congress have likely never considered these secondary effects. After all, as Bureaucrats, the only thing they have ever produced is misery.

Unfortunately, many Republicans never appear to have been blessed with the illuminating effects of common sense. These Republicans are content with being blown along by the winds of change that are being expelled by our gas bag of a President. They choose to interpret the Constitution through the prism of political expediency. This distorts its meaning allowing for the justification of any governmental mandate. After all, light bulbs run on electricity. Electricity is generated primarily from pollution generating power plants. Since pollution crosses state borders, a connection can be made to interstate commerce. As a result, flipping on a light bulb becomes a commercial activity.

But, we all know the truth. Mandating chemical bulbs has nothing to do with the environment. The true goal is to keep us in the dark as they dim our children’s future, by turning out the lights on our economy. After all, the only thing you get when Reds argue for green policies are brown-outs.