Give Me Rubbers or Give Me Death

Posted on in Politics

Of course Patrick Henry’s iconic phrase was “Give me liberty or give me death.”  But lately, we are hearing more about contraceptives then we are about the fundamental liberties that make this country the most magnificent place on Earth. Without authority, our government is seeking to force private entities to enter into private contracts.  If that wasn’t bad enough, our philosopher King wishes to force private organizations to provide products and services for free. The Democrats’ product of choice is contraceptives. It is more important to Democrats than autoimmune diseases, multiple sclerosis, breast cancer, Alzheimer’s, and countless other diseases that affect women in larger numbers than men.

Unfortunately, some Republicans seem unable to articulate this constitutional argument and appear to be similarly caught up in the contraceptive orgy which is being squirted out of our boob tubes by politicians and the media. I refer to these unprincipled Republicans as Repubicans.

Instead of arguing on the basis of constitutional limitations, Repubicans adopt half measures which, on their own, tacitly accept the government’s exercise of unconstitutional authority. The latest is a proposal for statutory exemptions covering religious institutions.  But, anyone with even a slight glimmer of intelligence should ask, if these Repubicans believe that Obama care is truly unconstitutional, why should only religious institutions receive exemptions?  Why not overturn Obama care in its entirety?  Even if it never has a chance of passing, sometimes it’s the fight that counts.  Patrick Henry, along with most of the other founders, are testament to that.

The sad truth is that too many in the Republican party are Repubicans.  These Repubics aren’t merely blinded to the constitutional arguments by the contraceptive orgy that is heating up Washington, they also seem to adopt Obama’s view that the Constitution is endlessly malleable as if it was made out of rubber. Like rubber, under this view, the Constitution can be bent, twisted, and stretched to fit any predefined political goal.  It is no longer perceived as an obstacle to the acquisition of power as originally intended. Instead, a malleable interpretation of the Constitution is used to justify such things as forcing individuals to purchase medical insurance.  After all, bad health can lead to lower economic growth and commerce. Since Congress regulates commerce, Congress has the power to mandate health insurance, or so the libs and Repubicans argue.

But we all know the truth.  Treating the Constitution as endlessly malleable is done for one purpose and one purpose only.  Like rubbers, the purpose is to allow a politician to cover himself in the act, while we just get screwed.