Police Failures During Florida School Shooting Benefits Gun Control Opponents

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Suggesting officers failing to save children who were being slaughtered in their classrooms as being beneficial for opponents of gun control is a horrific claim. I am not immune from the sickening feeling in the pit of ones stomach such a comment induces. I feel it myself. Nevertheless, my decision to write it, or refusal to do so, makes no difference to the eventual outcome.

The crushing reality is that Americans have lost trust in almost every traditional institution this country has to offer. Clergy were caught molesting children. Politicians abuse our daughters. We watch the media daily condemn half our nation’s population as racists because of their vote for President. On top of all this, we have now learned those entrusted to protect the innocent, especially children, from criminals, were warned of the Florida shooter, yet did nothing.

The FBI received a tip on their hotline. They did nothing. The local police received 18 calls warning of the shooters growing disturbing actions and comments. They did nothing. The Florida shooter posted videos online indicating he wanted to become a school shooter catching the attention of Florida’s child welfare agency. They did nothing. His friends knew. His family knew. Kids at school knew. Everyone knew! Yet nothing was done.

To top it all off, we now learn four officers hid behind their cruisers, doing nothing, for over four minutes as the sounds of gunshots fired at innocent children rang in their ears. I wonder if they had time to think about their children? I wonder if any of them felt slightly guilty when they later read a bedtime story to their children that night?

If we cannot trust the FBI, local police, or state agencies to keep our families safe, who can we trust? The answer is obvious. Ourselves, and other law abiding legally responsible gun carrying adults. This is the stark reality which should be made clear to anyone who fails to see the evidence directly in front of them. It is the only needed rebuttal to arguments made by opportunist political activists whose hatred of guns is so vehement, they call my show arguing that not even school security guards should be trusted with guns.

Numerous arguments, the strength and weakness of which are examined in my blog, are made by both sides on the issue of gun control. However, right now, when millions of children are attending unprotected schools, facing the risk of copycat shooters, this is the only argument that matters.

If authorities will do nothing to protect our family, that fact should be utilized to our benefit, not for a desire to win a political debate, but to safeguard our right to do so ourselves.