Pointless Pence: Indiana’s Governor Is Wrong For VP

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Reports are that Donald Trump is considering governor Pence for the position of vice president. Unfortunately, I have to say this decision greatly disappoints me. The reason millions of voters supported Trump was because we wanted to change Washington. Newt is certainly a change agent. We had the first balanced budget in history during his time as speaker of the house. Chris Christie is another unique combative choice who is known as telling it like it is.

Critics point to the existence of bridge gate as a liability for a potential Christie nomination. However, anyone who knows anything about political strategy will tell you, true liabilities are not those controversies which occurred years ago. Instead, they are the problems which arise the year of the campaign…like nearly being indicted by the Justice Department for mishandling classified emails. That is why Hillary’s approval ratings are plummeting, while her husband was able to win the Presidency despite having numerous allegations of sexual misconduct peppering his past.

Nationally, no one gives a damn that employees hired by Chris Christie shut down a bridge years ago. After all, he fired those responsible. That’s shows an ability to take responsibility that far surpasses anything ever demonstrated by either Clinton. Likewise, no one cares that Newt had an affair at the time he was pushing for Bill Clinton’s impeachment. It turns out having an affair is not an impeachable offense: lying under oath is.

To those democrats planning on attacking a potential Chris Christie VP candidate as not having the judgment sufficient enough to hire incorruptible staff, I assure you, arguments about having the proper judgment is not one you wish to bring up in light of your candidate’s machinations.

The real question is what does governor Pence give the campaign that it doesn’t already have? Surely there is no doubt Republicans will win Indiana. I hope people are not under the false impression that nominating a so called “moderate republican,” which Pence is not, will magically cause Trump’s GOP critics to jump on board. I promise you, the constant stream of viciousness and hatred we hear towards Trump, coming from George Will and Bill Krystal, will not be reduced in the slightest. This will do nothing to stop the Never Trump movement, because that movement is not based on principles. Instead, it is based on anger for having lost influence over the party.

The inability of the mainstream media pundits to get anything right in this election is truly startling. We heard that Trump could never win a single primary contest. Wrong! We heard Trump could never achieve a victory where he won over 50% of the vote. Wrong! Next they assured us Trump could never gain the necessary number of pledge delegates, even if technically he won the GOP primary. Wrong! Now we’re hearing Trump cannot hope to beat Hildebeast without spending hundreds of millions of dollars. Well, Hillary is spending $500,000 a week while Trump is spending nothing as of this date. They are neck and neck. So, to pundits in the media who claim the nomination of a boring, uninspiring governor who couldn’t get elected dog catcher in his home state is a brilliant move by Trump which will help him win the general election, I have one response. Wrong!