Open Letter To Hillary Clinton

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I understand that due to my political views, you consider me to be your enemy. Thus, nothing I say will matter to you at this stage of the election. You apparently believe you have this election wrapped up. But, let me take a moment to fill you in on a few facts of life that will become all too clear to you if you happen to achieve victory. Millions of Americans see you for exactly what you are.

You’re a hypocrite. You promote yourself as an advocate of women after viciously attacking every woman who had the bravery to come forward and report abuse at the hands of your husband.

You’re a liar. You claimed you never sent classified email as secretary of state. That was a lie. Then you stated you never sent an email that was marked classified at the time. That was a lie. You argued that your ethical obligation was somehow reduced for emails which were marked classified retroactively. That was a lie. You claimed your attorneys reviewed every email contained on your personal server before having it erased. That was a lie. You claimed you turned over every work related email. We now know that to be a lie as well. After your irresponsible email practices were uncovered, what did you do? Did you demonstrate integrity by admitting your mistake and giving an unqualified apology? No. Instead, you attempted to shirk responsibility by claiming similar email practices were used by former secretaries of state. I’m sure Americans were shocked when they learned, this too was a lie.

You are corrupt and arrogant. During your tenure as secretary of state, those who wished to acquire unprecedented access to the highest policy makers in our government, needed only to make large donations to the Clinton Foundation. Whether a donor was interested in selling land to the United States, acquiring an appointment for oneself, meetings with influential policy makers, or even weapons, it was all available for the right price.

Now that this unethical behavior has been uncovered, you’ve issued an incoherent defense. On one hand you claim there’s no evidence of illegal activity or unethical behavior. We are assured that this type of access by wealthy donors is entirely ethical. We are also told those who call for the closure of the Clinton Foundation ignore the countless people it saves through its charity work. On the other hand, you have pledged the foundation will stop accepting foreign donations as soon as you win the election.

So which is it? If nothing unethical occurred, why terminate the foundations ability to collect foreign donations? If closure of the foundation is going to lead to the deaths of countless individuals, surely such human loss matters to you more than addressing ill-conceived notions of ethical behavior held by those of us in the ignorant masses.

But, if halting foreign donations is necessary to avoid potential conflicts of interests, why wasn’t this concern present when you were secretary of state? Why not stop all such donations immediately?

So as you celebrate beating Trump in the polls, just keep a few things in mind. Trump is only one man. Just because some of us have grave concerns about him as our candidate, doesn’t mean we are inclined to favor you. If Trump loses and you ascend to the Presidency, people like me will still be here. We are not going anywhere. So you had better have your transition team start working out how to get things done with those you call your “enemy,” when most Americans recognize you’re a lying arrogant bottom feeding hypocrite.