Open Letter To GOP Establishment About Trump’s Future

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It has been one year since you won control of all branches of government. Yet, what do you have to show for it? So far, nothing. You have not repealed Obamacare. At the date of this writing, you have not gotten tax reform through reconciliation. And, while that looks likely, do not be so quick to pass yourselves on the back for a job well done, when tax reform will have been the only accomplishment you have made in the last year.

Despite the shockingly unproductive nature of the last year, many of you in congress seem to find plenty of time for other activities. When it comes to interviewing Jared Kushner, time is made. When it comes to grilling Jeff Sessions, your schedule immediately opens. When it comes to appearing in front of Fox News cameras to express your deep concern about the welfare of the American people, nothing seems to stand in your way. It is only when you are required to actually do something to benefit those you supposedly represent where your record falls short.

So, I have a question. What reason is there for a voter like me to take the time out of my schedule to vote for you, when you won’t bother to take the time out of yours to focus on issues that matter to voters like me? It is a question which numerous callers ask me when they call into my radio show. It is a sad reflection of your record that my only answer is to make sure President Trump is not impeached and remains in office. So, the only reason a voter like me can find to vote for a candidate like you, is my support for a man whom you despise.

I have addressed your distain for President Trump in a previous Open Letter. However, the warnings contained therein sadly went unheeded. Despite my threat to abandon the Republican party if Trump was denied the nomination, you opposed him at every turn during the primary and later election. Thankfully he won. But, it is clear you despise not only him, but the grassroots uprising of frustrated Republican voters who he represents.

It is a shameful tribute to your close mindedness and arrogance that even after a year in office, the contempt you have for President Trump is as strong as ever. Instead of examining why millions of voters supported Trump, you dismissed us as crazy radicals. Instead of evaluating the parties stance on issues, similar to the self-evaluation eagerly conducted after the loss of Romney in 2012, you vowed to oppose any and all of Trump’s proposals. And, when Democrats called for investigations into mythical Russian connections to explain the loss of a candidate, whose unpopularity was so prevalent she had to cheat in order to obtain her own party’s nomination, you eagerly agreed.

We now find our President subject to a witch-hunt lead by a man who has hired a team of so called independent investigators. But, some of these “independent investigators” represented Hillary Clinton in her email scandal. These “independent investigators” donated to the Clinton campaign. These “independent investigators” are sending anti-Trump text messages to one another when they aren’t busy engaging in extramarital affairs.

Despite this shockingly bias nature of this so called “investigation,” many of you have threatened President Trump if he acts to remove Mueller. Thus, you are complicit in any possible future adverse action against Trump flowing from this so called “investigation.”

I am going to make this very clear for you. If ANYTHING happens to President Trump from this so called “investigation,” you will pay the price at the polls. If President Trump falls, the party falls with him. I will actively vote for your Democrat opponents if no primary challengers are present. At least Democrats are honest during election time in their desire to destroy my liberty. If forced to choose, I rather an honest crook over a dishonest one.