NBC: The National Broadcasting Crooks

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The latest fake controversy generated by those outlets so concerned with fake news, is that Donald Trump has an impermissible conflict by owning a stake in the apprentice airing on NBC. But if NBC thinks there’s a conflict with Donald Trump having an interest in the apprentice, wouldn’t NBC also have a conflict of interest by owning an interest in a TV show paying the current president while also claiming to be an impartial news source? The answer is, yes of course. Can anyone imagine the outrage if FOXNews had owned a stake in a business enterprise of then president George W. Bush?

But it’s very interesting that NBC seems completely unwilling to sell off their rights to the apprentice to a non-news oriented company. I’m sure TLC, or another station not owned by an organization having a supposedly “impartial news” division, would love to have it. So if NBC is so concerned with “conflict of interests” they should sell their rights in the show to another network.

Say what you want about talk radio and FOXNews. But I have never heard of a fellow talk radio host, not to mention FOXNews, ever having their financial interest shared with a sitting president.

One more thing. Wile NBC is busy looking for possible buyers of the apprentice, they can also take a moment to explain to us why it’s a conflict of interest for Donald Trump to receive royalties from a TV show but it wasn’t a conflict for Barack Obama to receive royalties from publishers of his books