NATO: Defending Those Who Don’t Value Their Own Defense

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This week Donald Trump had a speech to members of NATO. He bluntly told them that they should be paying 2% of their GDP to the common defense. Predictably, the mainstream media completely freaked out over our president’s bluntness. According to the liberal mouthpieces Who call themselves reporters on our televisions, President Trump should have assured NATO members of our commitment to article 5; i.e. The belief that an attack on one member is an attack on all.
No one on television has yet to tell me why our country should be obligated to comply with the NATO treaty when European nations refused to comply with their own treaty obligations. It is a contractual requirement that every NATO member contribute at least 2% of their GDP to the common defense. The fact is, if they can violate the treaty requirements, so can we.
The interesting thing is, Democrats should support Donald Trump on his demand for greater contribution from European nations. Countries such as Germany have universal healthcare. They pump billions of dollars into social welfare programs which Liberals have argued put US companies at a competitive disadvantage. Our companies have to cover health insurance for their employees. A company in Germany does not. This has been a rallying cry for liberals in the US for decades.
However, if European countries were forced to contribute what they were contractually obligated to do under the NATO treaty, they would not have so much free money to pump into social welfare programs. If liberals could see past their hatred of Donald Trump for two seconds, they would realize demanding greater European financial contributions would have benefits for the competitiveness of our companies.
I don’t want to hear any bellyaching about the dangers of Russia. I’ve heard enough of that ever since Donald Trump was elected president. The truth is, those who are most at risk of Russian expansion, due to Europe’s geographical proximity, are precisely those who are most unwilling to contribute to their own defense.    
whether the mainstream media likes it or not, in the end, ordinary Americans will refuse to contribute our sons and daughters to provide defense for those who refuse to contribute their nickels and dimes.