My Apology

Posted on in Personal

Last week I tweeted Stormy Daniels with a vicious and disgusting tweet for which I hereby offer my sincere apology. The tweet inferred that President Trump would never have had sexual relations with Stormy Daniels because she had a venereal disease and was only attractive because her voice sounded like a 12-year-old girl.

First, let’s get one thing immediately out of the way. this tweet was NEVER intended to end with the phrase “attractive because her voice sounds like a 12-year-old girl.” NEVER. It was intended to say because she sounds like a TWENTY year old girl. She is 40 years old.

Because I am blind, typing on the iPhone on-screen keyboard is difficult. Thus, I use the iPhone dictation feature to compose messages and tweets. As anyone who has ever frequently used iPhone’s dictation knows, it does not always get things entirely correct. Unfortunately, I did not read the above tweet for dictation errors before sending it.

Dictation interpreted me saying 20 to be 12. It was only after a few hours had passed that I bothered to open back up twitter and noticed how disastrously wrong the tweet had been written. However, by then it was too late.

This post is not intended to avoid responsibility for sending the above tweet by pointing to my disability or an iPhone feature. Like all users of social media, I have the obligation to ensure my comments are within some bounds of decency, blind or not. It is intended only to explain why something so disgusting was issued from my account in the first place.

The tweet was vicious, mean spirited, and I regret EVERY word of it. It did not reflect my beliefs or thoughts in any way. I has since deleted it. Nevertheless, the damage has been done.

I admit when I make mistakes. This was my biggest one yet. I let down my listeners, fans, stations, and most of all my family.

If I could go back in time and un-send the tweet I would. But reversing the harm we do to others, not to mention ourselves, is left only to the power of time, and perhaps God himself. All we can do as human beings is take responsibility for our actions, learn from past mistakes, and ensure we work to make the world a better place in the future. To that end, after several days of self-reflection, there will be some major changes being made to the show.