Mueller: The Man In The Crosshairs

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In a bar located in downtown Washington DC, the front door opens slowly. A man sticks his head through the door and quickly glances left and right, as if he expects to see a stocker waiting for him. Apparently whoever he is looking for isn’t in tonight because the door opens and the man enters.

The man cautiously approaches the bar. He is disheveled. His tie is loosened, shirt wrinkled, and eyes bloodshot. The man takes a seat And orders a whiskey. As the man consumes his drink, his eyes dart left and right. He desperately wants to avoid being noticed. The man appears haggard and run down as if from long hours spent searching frantically for something that cannot be found.

This man’s name is Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor spearheading the investigation into President Trump, the man upon which half the country’s hopes rest to reverse the 2016 election, and the man who will be publically flogged by the vultures in the mainstream media, in the event that he does not uncover a smoking gun criminal conspiracy damning enough to initiate immediate impeachment proceedings, thereby banishing President Trump to the dustbin of history.

There is only one problem. There is no smoking gun evidence and Mueller knows it

Each week the mainstream media reports on another person being investigated by the special prosecutor. Often these individual’s connections to President Trump are tenuous at best. Nevertheless, each time the mainstream media proclaims that it is a sign of Mueller closing in for the kill!

Papadopoulos has been indicted by Mueller. “Mueller’s investigation is heating up!” Mueller indicts Alex Van Der Zwaan. “Mueller is closing in!” Manafort is indicted. “WOW! The noose is tightening!” Whether it be a virtually unknown staffer, Flynn, Manafort, Michael Cohen, or the illegal seizure of documents from a lawyer by the FBI, each time, Mueller’s actions are excitedly announced as the beginning of the end!

The only person Mueller never seems to close in upon is President Trump. In fact Mueller appears less like a prosecutor working his way up the latter of conspirators in increasing significance, and more like a blind man throwing darts in a desperate hope that one will hit the target.

Mueller is not a stupid person. You do not rise to the position of FBI director by being an idiot, James Comey notwithstanding. Mueller witnessed how quickly the mainstream media turned on James Comey: portrayed by the media as a hero in July for announcing the end of Hillary’s investigation, only to be vilified in November as the cause of Hillary’s loss.

Mueller knows the moment he announces the end of the investigation, without something damning against Trump, his life, as it has been, is over. Pundits currently praising his patriotism as the FBI director in office during September eleventh, will immediately eviscerate him as a crooked Republican and dance on the tattered remains of his political corpse. They will hound him, station themselves outside his home, and invade his privacy in their quest to learn why they were denied their prize.

So Mueller is delaying the inevitable as long as possible. This is why an investigation initially intended to examine possible Russian collusion, has reviewed claims of bank fraud, a lawyer’s home equity loan, campaign donations, sex tapes, Russian hookers, porn stars, and more. It is a fishing expedition conducted by a man who increasingly finds himself up a proverbial creek without a paddle.