Michigan & Pennsylvania Terrify HRC

Posted on in Hillary, Politics

In these last few days of this election, the Clinton campaign has been focusing upon two states that traditionally vote Democrat: these being Michigan and Pennsylvania. The media would have us believe there is no way Donald Trump can flip these states. However, in the last two weeks both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have each visited the state twice. president Obama has visited the state once. So, the question everyone is asking is, if Mi and Pa are such guaranteed wins for Hillary, why is so much time being spent in these states?

The spin coming from the Clinton campaign is that this large focus has nothing to do with them being worried about Donald Trump flipping either state into the red. Instead, the campaign argues they are simply focusing on states that don’t have early voting. Really? if that’s there strategy, they might want to spend time campaigning in New York: which is also a solidly blue state that does not allow early voting.

Not surprisingly no one on the Clinton news network or MSNBC has thought to Challenge the Clinton campaign’s claim. However, it could be that CNN planned on asking the above question, but the Clinton campaign rejected it among the list of questions CNN provides them before the start of any debate or interview.

As I argued this morning, The reason the Clinton campaign is focusing so much time in Mi and Pa is clear. They are worried about Trump’s message resonating with blue-collar workers who have been decimated by trade policies such as NAFTA. It’s so obvious, even a blind guy like me can see it.