Lindsey Graham: Our Uniter In chief

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I was shocked to read that Lindsey Graham, in a recent South Carolina poll, has actually succeeded in getting zero percent.  Take a moment and think about that. That’s zero percent. That means on average not even one person, not one lonely soul could be found who supports Lindsey Graham.  In fact, at 1%, statistically far more Americans believe in UFO’s and alien anal probes then think there’s anything redeeming in the candidacy of Lindsey Graham.


In our highly divisive political climate, on what issue can you ever hope to find universal agreement?  The answer is of course nothing. We cannot come to an agreement on how to defeat ISIS, an enemy dedicated to our destruction.  We cannot agree to fund the maintenance of our highways.  Not even the mowing down of four year olds while at school can motivate people to come to an agreement on anything that will make a substantive difference.  That’s why I refer to the Senator from South Carolina as the uniter in chief.  Where all others have failed to bring the warring factions of our highly partisan political environment together in agreement on anything, Lindsey has risen to the challenge.  His steadfast unending pursuit of the presidency, in obdurate disregard of experts, polls, and reality itself, has succeeded in doing what no one else has been able to do.  Lindsey has succeeded in bringing people together, persons who vehemently disagree with one another on absolutely everything, other than their common dislike for Graham.  In that way, it can honestly be said that among other GOP candidate, Graham literally stands alone.