Lifting The Skirt: Why Hillary Is Unqualified

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Storing classified information on a private server, having your husband receive tens of millions of dollars from foreign nations, having your family paid by entities with business decisions subject to state department approval, ignoring congressional subpoenas, destroying evidence subject to a subpoena, having your assistants lie under oath, having classified emails stored on a computer youth by a sexual pervert who texts pictures of his penis to 15-year-old girls under the alias Carlos danger, some of you are actually going to vote for this arrogant, hypocritical, wicked, corrupt, lying, bottom feeding witch who suffers from cirrhosis of the soul? Even with the admittedly disgusting perverted comments from Donald Trump, how can anyone in good conscience vote for Hillary?
I would like to congratulate all women who vote for Hillary. If she wins, she will be the first woman ever to serve as president. I cannot think of a more atrocious symbol of the competency of all women in leadership positions.
I refuse to believe that a person’s genitalia are what makes a person qualified to be president. Having said that, I would like to see a woman president one day: but not this woman, Not this election. As a man with a wife, a sister, a mother, and perhaps a daughter in the future, I don’t want this nasty wicked witch to be the symbol of female leadership. But, if you vote for Hillary because she is a woman, that is The status that you are elevating her too. She will be the symbol of female leadership. 
If you vote for her, I should thank you on one level because she will be great for talk radio! She will be great for my career. But she will be horrible for the country. 
So I ask you, especially women, to judge her on her record. Judge her on her character. Judge her as any man would be judged. Just because she’s a woman doesn’t make her qualified. No employer could ever hire someone because they are a woman, or not hire her because she is a woman. That is what we call gender discrimination. And again, as a man with women in my life, I know each of them want to be judged on their character, their competency, and most of all not on their gender. On that basis, there is no one who is less qualified then Hillary Clinton.