I Think We Will Win. But What Hhappens If We Lose

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I think Donald J Trump is going to win this election. But if he doesn’t, hear are some thoughts about what Republicans will have to do going forward.

First, it will be time to clean house. With the Supreme Court on the line, Obamacare skyrocketing, and the continue unaddressed threat from ISIS, anyone who sabotaged our efforts to elect our nominee must be opposed. If they are radio hosts, I suggest they not be listened to. You won’t want to if you are a Trump supporter anyways. if we lose, They will be gloating and condemning those of us who supported Trump as ignoramuses. If they are politicians, like Paul Ryan or Rob Portman, they must be defeated. After all, if republican politicians like John Kasich aren’t willing to keep their word to support the parties nominee, which initially was their idea to have memorialized in a pledge, how can we trust them to keep their word to us when it comes to the much harder task of executing on campaign promises like repealing Obamacare?

Second, we must pay attention to the demographics changes in our country. Millennials who currently Match baby boomers in the number of available votes, are less religious then previous generations. Instead they are very socially liberal. However, no one wants their tax dollars wasted or their children’s future mortgage away on the false promises of the present.

Socially liberal but fiscally conservative equates to a libertarian style view point. If you doubt the popularity of this position, just look at how popular rand Paul was with younger generations. While it is true he lost, this was due to both a lack of support by the GOP establishment, and his ridiculously Extreme isolationist foreign-policy.

The common narrative that all millennial’s are liberals is false. After all, at age 31 I myself am a millennial. The truth is, most millennial’s are Democrats simply because the Republican Party is not speaking to their interests. For example, what did Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio want to do about The lack of college affordability? I don’t know because they never said. However, Donald Trump has mentioned it several times. The bottom line is, like it or not, opposing gay marriage or worrying about looking up people’s skirts before they go into a restroom, is not how we will win votes in the future.

Just so you know, I am not supporting Gary Johnson. In addition to him being an ignoramus, I don’t believe in voting for a third-party. Instead, I believe in what Ronald Ragan argued for, which was to change the Republican Party from within. It is a shame so many people who supposedly venerate Ronald Ragan and repeat his name to such an extent that they sound like parrots, abandon his words so quickly.

Ronald Ragan never said changing the party from within would be easy. In fact, it will be tremendously difficult. However, While some have chosen to take the easy path of seeking public acclaim by throwing their boats away in the name of Conscience, there are those of us who are up to the challenge.