Hypocrite Hildebeast Will Not Concede

Posted on in Hillary, Politics

how surprising. After criticizing Trump for suggesting he wouldn’t except the election result, Hillary’s campaign director announced that Clinton will not concede the election tonight. As of now, 2:30 AM, 99.9% of the vote is in. Unless she one, which she’s not going to do, every remaining state including Arizona or Alaska, she will not reach even 268. By the time you read this tomorrow, Donald Trump will have reached the 270 electoral vote requirement.

Look, I disagree with Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, and Joe Biden on policy. But they love this country I believe. But I hate this witch. I hate her guts. She is a hypocrite. She is a bottom feeding selfish wicked woman Who only cares about herself.

She refuses to pledge support for her opponent? Fine. According to her own arguments against Trump’s suggestions, I guess she doesn’t give a damn about this country. For that, I hope it hurts her knowing she will never become president. I hope it hurts like hell. I hope this defeat feeds, like a parasite, upon whatever masquerades as her soul.