#IRideWithHer: How To End Clinton’s Ground Game

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As I watch the constant volcano of vitriol vomited out by the media towards Donald trump, there is one theme which is pushed endlessly.  This message is that the Clinton campaign has established an unprecedented ground game.  They are registering people to vote! They will even drive voters to the polls!  When I heard this, I got a shit eating grin on my face.  They will drive me to the polls?  Of course this is only intended to apply to democrat voters who will vote for Hillary.  But, for my part, I never pass up on something if it is both free and for a good cause.

With the Supreme Court at stake, with the possibility of a democrat sweep of congress, with nothing less than the future of our country on the line, I feel obligated as a patriot to do whatever I can within the confines of the law to sabotage the efforts of the Clinton campaign to mobilize their voters.  Clogging up their ground game, that they are so proud of having established, is a deliciously ironic and entirely legal way of accomplishing this.

To this end, I plan on using the Clinton campaign’s own ground game against them.  I plan on calling up the Clinton campaign headquarters here in Columbus, and requesting assistance in having myself driven to the polls.  Of course being blind helps me in this endeavor.  You would be amazed at how incompetent most people believe me to be just because I am blind.

But, the campaign is willing to have its volunteers drive anyone to the polls who call in claiming to be a loyal supporter, just dyeing to be able to vote for the first candidate ever to successfully evade indictment by paying a bribe to FBI officials.  It is indicated on their website.  So, why shouldn’t we all call in to have ourselves personally driven to the polls?  If republicans did this nationwide it would end the effectiveness of the Clinton campaign’s ground game overnight.  For each volunteer occupied in driving Trump supporters to the polls, that’s one less potential democrat they are able to mobilize.  Therefore, I urge all republicans who wish to help win this election, while also having a good laugh, to call a Clinton campaign office near you and request assistance in getting to the polls due to an alleged inability to drive.  Use the hashtag #IRideWithHer on twitter and Facebook to pay tribute to Hillary’s efforts in driving Trump supporters to the polls.

So, as for my part, I will be calling in the next few days to arrange my personal chauffeur to drive me to the polls so I can vote for Donald J. Trump, courtesy of the Clinton campaign.  I will post a video on my YouTube channel of both me making the call, and my eventual curbside pickup.

Will you do the same?  Remember Democrats, there is no such thing as voter fraud.  #IRideWithHer!