Here’s Why Obama’s Approval Rating Is High

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Yes, Barack Obama’s approval rating is high. No one can seem to figure out why President Obama’s approval rating is so high when over half of Americans believe the country is going in the wrong direction. But it’s not hard to understand.

People don’t like how the country is going. They have not felt the benefits of the increased stock market. Constant claims of how the economy is improving rings hollow for people who find themselves competing with their children for low way jobs.

But Obama’s approval rating is high because he generally comes across as a nice guy. People see him as a likable guy. People simply perceive him as someone who is incompetent: unable to address their problems.

But it’s hard for most Americans to hate him. Even coming from a person like me, who despises him, I can see how he seems like a likable guy. The truth be told he’s an arrogant Narrowminded ideologue who can’t work with anyone. But that’s not how he put trays himself in press conferences. in public appearances, President Barack Obama has a unique ability to come across as a reasonable moderate guy who’s the victim of everyone else’s refusal to work with him.

There is yet another factor in President Obama’s favor. He’s black. Like it or not, as the first african-American president, we perceive Barack Obama as a symbol of how far we have come as a nation. That impugns upon him a likability factor.

I guarantee you however, if there was a poll taken as to whether people would vote for Barack Obama over Donald Trump, President Obama would suffer a loss just like Hillary Clinton. Doesn’t anyone find it suspicious that the media has never taken such a poll? That is the reason why.

now you know how Barack Obama can have such a high approval rating while most Americans believe we are headed in the wrong direction. I don’t know about you, but the closer Barack Obama comes to ending his term of office, the more I find myself Liking him. in my mind the most likable Barack Obama is a Barack Obama out of office.