Open Letter To Democrats: Trump Is A Moderate

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Dear Democrats:

There’s an inconvenient truth you should be aware of. Despite your daily claims to the contrary, President Donald Trump is a moderate. No? You disagree?

Trump believes in reforming the tax code. You, as Democrats, agree. He has believed in a woman’s right to choose his entire life, despite an alleged reversal, designed to garner favor among evangelicals; an important base of support for his two biggest rivals, Cruz and Carson. So on abortion, democrats agree.

He believes no one should lose their health insurance, and that everyone should be covered. Democrats agree. He believes we cannot allow the sick and disabled to “die in our streets.” Democrats agree. He opposes any changes to social security. Democrats agree. He believes in covering those with preexisting conditions. Democrats agree. He wants children covered until age 26. Democrats agree.

He opposes the nation building neocon foreign policy of the bush administration. Democrats agree. He condemned Israel’s settlement construction in occupied areas. Democrats agree.

He believes in transgendered people’s ability to use the restroom of their choice. Democrats agree. He believes in protecting LGBTQs from discrimination. Democrats agree.

He believes in a progressive tax code. Democrats agree. He supports domestic manufacturing. Democrats agree. He believes in infrastructure spending. Democrats agree.

However, ever since Hillary lost, things have changed. From all night marathon sessions, to opposing every cabinet nominee, you Democrats have made one thing perfectly clear. When it comes to Trump, agreement is over.

Do you Democrats honestly expect ordinary Americans to perceive you as principled for opposing policies the Democrat party supported three months ago? Perhaps it is Trump’s big mouth that you Democrat’s find insulting. This would be ironic coming from the party which brought us such humble virtuous public servants like Anthony Weiner.

I have no doubt blind opposition is appealing to democrat activist torching limousines owned by Muslim Americans during demonstrations against Trump’s “intolerance”. But coastal unemployed disgruntled misfits who later blame violence at their protests on that timeless bugaboo, the alleged “outsider,” is not who you Democrats need if you ever wish to win again. It’s ordinary Americans, and to us, your motivations are clear. You are sore hypocritical losers. See you in 2018. Have a great day!