Celebrity Apprentice VP

Posted on in Politics

Instead of a specific VP pick, Donald Trump should announce tomorrow a one our special which every network is free to air called apprentice VP picks. This special one hour show will air the last night of the Democratic convention, during Hillary Clinton’s speech. Have all three candidates appear on the show, Chris Christie, Governor Mike Pence, and Newt. Each candidate will discuss with Trump in the Trump tower board room, just as in the show, the strength and weaknesses of themselves and the other candidates.

Without a doubt this proposal is off the wall. However, what hasn’t been this election? This process would actually be a wonderful experience for the country. The American people would be able to see Donald Trump’s decision making in real time, his first decision as our potential President. The media would go out of their minds with anticipation. It would be the only topic discussed by TV pundits each night of the Democratic convention. It would be the biggest PR move in our nation’s history.

I don’t care if RNC rules say a candidate must have a VP pick. If Washington insiders don’t know it by now, they’re no longer in control of this party. Besides, how much faithfulness can they expect Trump to have to the rules when there has been discussion about overriding not only his candidacy, but whatever VP picks he happens to make?

As a final thought, I imagine NBC owns the rights to the apprentice trademark name. However, exclusive rights to air this one hour special should be lucrative enough to allow for this special to be aired. If we are going to have a one of a kind, outsider, celebrity candidate who can garnish massive media attention, let’s exploit it for all it’s worth and go for the gold. That sounds a lot more like the Trump we all know, then picking an unknown loser Midwestern governor.