Can Senator Franken’S First Sexual Harassment Victim Sue?

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Someone asked on the show tonight whether Senator Franken’s victim could sue him now that he admitted what he did. I said yes. But I have to issue a correction.

Senator Al Franken didn’t really admitte to sexually abusing her. He said he “doesn’t remember fax the same way,” but was still sorry. That gives him wiggle room in any potential future civil lawsuit. It isprecisely why he said he didn’t remember fax the same way. I suspect between his first statement earlier in the day, and his later longer written statement, he called a lawyer for legal advice. that is what I would have advised him to do if he had called me as a client.

I will also say… to me that’s not a sincere apology because he didn’t admit to what he did.

this only applies to the first victim. I’m sure there will be more coming. Predators always victimized again.