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It Doesn’t Matter Whether Trump’s Executive Order Is Legal Or Not

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Many Trump critics are claiming that the immigration and naturalization act of 1965 prohibits refusing entrance to people based on national origin. I’m a lawyer and I read the law and you’re partially right. But so what? Probably a shocking question until you consider the fact that Trump’s actions, regardless of what the law says, […]

I Hate Telephone Surveys. Payback Is A Bitch

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This just happened about five minutes ago. I called Verizon in order to have something done to my account. Their automated system called me back and asked if I was satisfied with the service I received. It always happens whenever you call Verizon and have something done. These type of computer generated calls infuriate me. […]

Donald Trump Plays The Media Like A Violin

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The media is making a huge deal out of Donald Trump’s latest tweet that he wants an investigation into voter fraud. But if you look at his Twitter timeline, the voter fraud tweet was tweeted right after an announcement that he will be presenting his Supreme Court nominees next week. Over the weekend Donald Trump […]