CBO: 22M would lose insurance under GOP health care bill

Congressional Budget Office estimates 22 million would lose insurance in decade.[read more]

OJ Simpson explains in own words why the robbery happened

O.J. Simpson explained during his parole hearing why the robbery happened.[read more]

OJ Simpson granted parole for Las Vegas robbery

Simpson is in prison following an arrest in 2007 in Las Vegas.[read more]

Local governments caught off guard by Elon Musk's Hyperloop announcement

“We have had promising conversations," the White House says of the project.[read more]

Trump's envoy picks hesitate on question of Russian meddling

Several of President Donald Trump's nominees for key ambassador posts declined Thursday to say unequivocally whether Russia sought to interfere in the presidential election[read more]

Inside the frayed relationship between Trump and Sessions

Sessions recently offered to resign following rising tensions with Trump.[read more]

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