Horrific new details emerge in case of 13 captive siblings

David and Louise Turpin were arrested for torture and child endangerment.[read more]

Supreme Court: NC doesn't have to redraw maps by next week

The decision delays a lower-court order.[read more]

Congress nears showdown votes on averting federal shutdown

A divided Congress is barreling toward an election-year showdown that is dangling the mounting prospect of a weekend government shutdown[read more]

Jet streams allow bitter cold to linger far south

Many residents in the South woke up to freezing temperatures Thursday morning as lingering cold weather stretched across most of the eastern U.S.[read more]

Inside the Texas home where the malnourished, shackled siblings lived 18 years ago

The current owner said he was certain feces were smeared on the walls.[read more]

Trump touts PA GOP candidate Saccone as a 'great guy' as special election looms

The special election in Pennsylvania's 18th district will take place on March 13[read more]

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