WATCH: Trooper saves unresponsive woman with CPR

The female driver is now facing DUI charges after a Florida state trooper saved her life.[read more]

4 Palestinians dead, hundreds injured in clashes ahead of Mike Pence's visit

Tensions still high more than a week after Trump's blockbuster announcement.[read more]

Trump slams FBI moments before praising law enforcement as ‘great’ at Quantico

Trump on Friday morning said people are "very, very angry" with FBI, DOJ.[read more]

Penn State officials showed a 'shocking apathy' to drinking: Grand jury

A grand jury's report following the drinking death of a Pennsylvania State University student says school officials showed "a shocking apathy" to drinking and hazing.[read more]

Knife-wielding man shot at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport

Dutch military police said they shot a knife-wielding man on Friday at one of Europe's busiest airports.[read more]

Soccer coach who ran off with teen faces sex charge

Rian Rodriguez was charged with sexual activity with a minor.[read more]

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