Malaysia: Kim Jong Nam died within 20 minutes of poisoning

Malaysia's health minister says the dose of nerve agent given to North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un's half brother was so high that it killed him "within 15-20 minutes."[read more]

Iraq: Police Commandos recapture new neighborhood in Mosul

A senior commander says Iraqi militarized police have captured a neighborhood on the western side of Mosul amid fierce clashes with Islamic State militants[read more]

Letter-writing former Iran president pens dispatch to Trump

Iran's former hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has sent a letter to U.S. President Donald Trump, discussing immigration, America's wars in the Middle East and other topics[read more]

India's top diplomat to visit Washington for talks

India's top diplomat will visit Washington this week for talks with the new U.S. administration[read more]

10 celebs react to Trump's decision to skip star-studded dinner

From Jessica Chastain to Zach Braff to Don Cheadle, stars celebrated the move.[read more]

Iran begins navy drill off Strait of Hormuz as US newly wary

Iran's navy has begun an annual drill near the strategic Strait of Hormuz, its first major exercise since the inauguration of U.S. President Donald Trump[read more]