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Hillary Clinton Responds to Email Controversy

Hillary Clinton addressed concerns Wednesday about her use of a personal email accoun [read more]

Knife-wielding Man Attacks US Ambassador in South Korea

Photos show Ambassador Mark Lippert with blood on his hand and holding his face. [read more]

Failures by 3 Governments Preceded Homeless Man's Death

Failures by 3 governments preceded fatal police shooting of homeless man in Los Angel [read more]

Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect???s Defense Admits ???It Was Him???

A jury of 10 women and eight men will hearing opening arguments today as the eyes of [read more]

Giving up Flight 370 Search Would Be Bitter Pill for Many

Giving up search for Flight 370 would be bitter pill for families, searchers, many ot [read more]

The Most Scathing Findings From the Ferguson PD Probe

The Department of Justice on Wednesday released its investigation of the Ferguson pol [read more]

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